We love beer and as a result, we love a good beer tasting party as it seems to capture some of our favorite things in life: a gathering of good friends and tasty beers. Unlike your average party which usually focuses on food, conversation and sometimes dancing, a beer tasting party plays a different role.

For a beer tasting party, it’s a time to appreciate the drink we’ve all come to love. More specifically, it’s a time to find new and old beers that will satisfy your taste palettes. Invite your friends, especially the ones that would be excited to try a wide range of flavors and want to learn something about what they’re drinking. You then get to pick your choice of beers from a wide array of options.

You can choose from a variety of lagers, ales, a few seasonal, imported and domestic beers. With our large selection of beers, you’ll likely find many beers that you haven’t had a chance to taste and as a result, you may end up with a new favorite. Our beer sommelier will be able to guide you and help make sure that your beer tastings hit all the right spots and entertain you and all of other guests attending.


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